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*ShË HolÐs ThÊ Pën Thªt §pells Thè Eñd*

...»She traces me and draws me in«...

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The gemtigg is no more. Fresh start. New username... metalli_g



"With orange and black striped eyes I stare,
As you look upon the Gemtigg's lair.
You seem so alert, yet so unaware,
Oblivious that I'm watching and waiting there..."

Tigger is Tiggerific Love!

Today, Gemz Is Feeling:
Accomplished, excited and loved <3

Coey there! Here's a little about me...

I am…

Gemma, Gemz, Gemtigg, G and occassionally I've been referred to as Gemtigger or Gemtiggywig in moments of excitement...like, the lead up to DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL 06!

I don't do short and simple, I'm drawn out and complex all the way, constantly changing, yet somehow always the same. I'm confusing and usually confused...unless of course you're one of the few who understand me.

I'm also pretty secretive in certain situations and with certain feelings, and often find myself hiding away at metallitig...0.o

I'm a not-so-long-ago QMC student who's just received the results of all my laziness hardwork, revealing that I can take my place on a Veterinary Pathogenesis course at Bristol Uni after my gap year and continue jumping through the hoops to reach my life goal...to become a Veterinary Surgeon. It's been my dream for longer than I can remember...I'm more determind than you'll ever know....I can't wait until the next chapter of my journey.

I am currently working my gap year away in F.Hinds, a family run jewellers, where I blag my way out of sticky situations, convince people to buy things they don't necessarily need, gossip with the girls and mock and make unnecessary jokes with the only bloke...who just happens to be my manager! LOL! My thoughts are, if he didn't like it, I'd have been sacked a long time ago!

I'm head over heels in love with my handsome boyfriend nearly two years, Shaun, who rescued me and stood by my side through everything...and my LJ def. reflects this! I'm frequently mushy and gushy about him! He means more to me than he will ever know, and as I tell him, I believe we are *written*in*the*stars*, meant to be...I didn't believe in fate until him <3 I love you Bubs- always <333333333

My obsession is Metallica...be mean about them at your peril! I am the ultimate superfan! I had the pleasure of seeing Het and the boys at Download 06, which instead of curing my longing to see them only left me wanting more...and NO, not just because I'm fond of James Hetfield!

I have a tendency to think in "science", which is an annoying and strange habit, especially seeing as I can't really do science, though I have taken a shining to the element 'Astatine' which should not be questioned. I forget lots of things and need constant reminding of stuff. I love writing, and just being creative in general, occassionally I just get this need to write or draw totally out of the blue. Naturally I am quite poetic, when not thinking about science I'm thinking up random poetic lines to place in a 'ramble'. My creativity stretches into the music region...and I am proud failed electric guitar player and a persistant, trying-hard-to-be bass player, but I love my instruments still :-)

I also have "Gemmerisms"...frequently said words which appear pretty much every time I write and speak (at some point). These can change...I take words, overuse them, sometimes change them to suit my needs and tastes, and then frequently inflict them upon the people around me...you'll grow to love them, promise :-P

Now, it has to be said...as nice as I have found some individuals to be, in general, I dislike emos and general emo culture...just the stuff they wear, the music they listen to...just emos in general really. I can't explain it, they just annoy the hell out of me!

In summary? I'm me. Loud, opinionated, obsessive, loving and just trying to muddle through life with my man, family and friends at my side, my ambitions in front of me and my past well and truly behind me.

Metallica are Love!

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Lordi are Rockin' Monster Love!

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Within Temptation are Love!

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Velvet Revolver are Love!

~Top 10 Metallica Songs!~

1-'Outlaw Torn' (S&M/Load)-
2-'Nothing Else Matters' (S&M/Metallica)-
3-'Bleeding Me' (S&M/Load)-
4-'One' (S&M/...And Justice For All)-
5-'Sad But True'(S&M/Metallica)-
6-'Master Of Puppets' (S&M/Master Of Puppets)-
7-'Ride The Lightning'-
8-'The Memory Remains' (S&M/Reload)-
9-'Carpe Diem Baby'-
10-'Sweet Amber'-

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Jaymz Hetfield is Love!

"-Hear me-
And if I close my mind in fear, please pry it open...
-See me-
And if my face becomes sincere...beware...
-Hold me-
And when I start to come undone, stitch me together...
-Save me-
And if you see me strut,
Remind me of what left this outlaw torn..."

"(The) Outlaw Torn" by Metallica... <3
= my song :-)

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James Hetfield is Manly, Growling, Metallica Love!

I'm only young, but I feel like I've learnt so much, especially over these past few years...this LJ is a way for me to log away my thoughts, talk about events, be them special or dull, and a way for me to reflect upon the changes that are happening to me with each passing day. I've a lot more learning and growing to do, and hence, a lot more LJ writing to go yet!

...welcome to my journey...

*Forever hypnotised by the brownest of eyes*


"So close no matter how far,
Couldn't be much more from the heart,
Forever trust in who we are,
And nothing else matters..."

15/08/05 - always


~My heart wrapped itself around you and buried itself inside you until it couldn't function without you~
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