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Public post for a reason

Coey all,

Just a quick update, I can't really be bothered to go into the whole day if I'm honest! After all, it is pretty late! :-) In fact I must toddle off to bed soon, in my nice new clean bed sheets! :-) Don't you just love new bed covers??
There is something I wish to say though...Which not all members will like.

I can't believe it, I really cannot...kayrainbow has been bitching about me...again! How totally lame! We are not even friends anymore and she doesnt even have the decency to drop the whole thing and let it be so we can just get on with our own lives.
I don't give two shits what she does, what she thinks of me, because her opinion no longer matters to me...she as a person no longer matters to me anymore, but do you know what is really getting on my goat right about now? That despite the fact we are not friends, when she started to talk civilly to me I thought that perhaps there was an ounce of maturity in her, but no, she is still doing the very same thing she done to me when I was foolish enough to be her friend...she chooses to speak to me and be civil, even has the cheek to ask me for some of my photos from the confluence, then goes off and starts bitching about how much she hates me!!!
Well, I have some news for you, 'pal'...
I despise you just as much, if not more than you hate me, I don't expect you to not bitch about me, because we had a big arguement, and thats what happens...but to have the cheek to come over and be all nicey nicey with me, to ask for my photographs and then go and bitch about me saying how selfish and nasty I am!! You have got a nerve!!!
One thing you don't have though Kayleigh, is bottle...your gutless, you hear me? Gutless...you are prepared to be all nice and pally and then have your say when no one is around...that not only shows that you're gutless, that shows a total lack of maturity...but then again, thats just you down to the ground isnt it?

As for Rocky horror, which I know you have great pleasure in reminding people that you set it up (You fail to mention that it was also Clare too, which is interesting) I have never EVER taken that for granted, I couldnt thank any of you enough when you all took me to see that...how long will I remain 'in debt' for that eh? ...I'll tell you one thing, I refuse to have that hung over my head by you anymore. I was very grateful for what you did for me for my birthday, If you were not content with the money I gave you, well you certainly didnt show it at the time, but then again, you're a backstabber, so I expect no less.

I didn't wish to resort to this, but I was informed about you bitching about me for the last time today...It ends now.
No, you are not getting the photographs from me, I can't even believed I was considering it...well I am certainly not now thats for sure!
And No, This isnt just some gutless update in my LJ,

1) I know you still read my LJ anyway, despite the fact you went through all that trouble just to delete me, so I know you will see it.

2) Even if you don't see it, if you start acting all nicey nicey, I will not be particularly pleasent, and if you bring up the photographs, then I will not hesitate to tell you all of the above right to your face.

I was quite content to just go along as we were, being civil, but once again, you decided to rock the boat just a little too much didn't you...
This arguement had died a death, and I was more than willing to just go on being civil, nothing else, just as before, but no...you wish to drag it all up again...what a surprise.

But hey, no loss on my part though, is it?

Well deserved I believe.

Well, I think I had best be going!
I can't wait for tomorrow! *squee!* Ben's coming round! Kewlness!!! :-)
Ok, the time is getting on, I had best go!


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